September 13, 2016


International Institute of Paranormal Sciences
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Spiritual Healing

A physician needs no medicines by means of spiritual healing. This method is the most effective, the quickest and the most successful of all the healing methods in the world. Distance healing can also be used in the 4th. level of spiritual healing.


Aromatherapy is an ancient healing method which has been recognized all over the world as a modern scientific healing method. All the physical diseases are treated by aromatherapy

Color Therapy

Different diseases are treated with only colorful water by means of color therapy. The colors emit such waves which not only solve different problems but also change the personality of the man entirely.


Mental and psychological diseases can be cured successfully by means of hypnotism. Educational, business, matrimonial and personality relating problems may also be solved by hypnotism.


you can cure different diseases without medicine by Reiki. Reiki healing method is famous and successful throughout the world.

Chi Power

Chi power is an extraordinary power which enhances those spiritual capabilities which are not possible to achieve even after the austerity of years.

Courses of more mysterious sciences are to be launched very soon. Send a self addressed envelope for detailed information or call now: 0333-6974734 or 0300-4967412

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International Institute of Paranormal Sciences
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