September 13, 2016


Q. Describe briefly the kinds of occults sciences?

Occult sciences are also called “KLASAR”. In ancient times five mysterious sciences were famous.1.Kamiya (Chemistry), 2.Lemiya, 3.Hemiya (A branch of black art), 4.Semiya, 5.Remiya. The word KLASAR have been derived as taking the first letter of each word (science) mentioned above. Moreover Elim-e-jafar (Numerology cum Literology ), Elim-ul-adad (numerology),Palmistry and Astrology are also included in the occult sciences.

  • Kamiya (Chemistry): the metals and stones are used in for different works by means of this science. New metals are prepared after the combination of different metals. The procedure and preparation of making oxide the gold, silver and other matels is called kamiya.
  • Lemiya : Lemiya means the preparing of the talismans. In this process, the connection is made between the sky powers and concerning earth powers, so that a new condition may be created.
  • Hemiya (A branch of black art): It means the knowledge of conquest; namely the conquest of stars, maokalat(supernatural beings entrusted with some duty).
  • Semiya: Occult art supposedly enabling practioner to cause the migration of souls. It is the science of imagination, namely to visualize the imagination, e.g. the science of Hamzad (one’s familiar spirit) , mysmerism, hypnotism etc. are its new forms. Hakeem Plato and Galen have written much regarding this science.
  • Remiya: It is the science of duping (sleight of hand). In this science, the powers of essence of earth are known and formed/sort out, so that an action may be occurred. Sheikh Shahab-ud-din Suharwardi has translated several Greek books into Arabic, but now these books are rare. The jugglers of the ancient time and modern era have created delusion in mind of the people as they have declared it as magic; it is necessary to know this science to get rid from this delusion and misunderstanding.
  • Elim-ul-jafar: this science is related to innocent Imams. It is the science of words and numbers. It helps us in every walk of life. I mainly use this science myself. One can create love between those who hate each other, end the domestic quarrelling, treat the fatal diseases, and marry according to one’s will and numerous works like this by means of this science.
  • Elim-ul-adad (numerology): It is the branch of Elim-e-jafar. Numbers affects on the human life. One can predict by means of this science.
  • Palmistry: It is the science of reading the lines on human hands. One can tell past and present and predict about the future of a man with the help of reading the lines of his/her hands.
Q. How jins and spirits influence human beings?

Naughty jins and devils love the beautiful ladies. Jins or evil spirits start to live in a house and they frighten the residents and create problems for them. These houses are generally called “possessed” or “haunted”. Jins tease human beings in different ways, they drop bricks, stones, some drop blood and garbage etc. also. They also break different domestic things. Moreover the oculists possessing the jins and spirits set the spirits over the enemies of their clients who destroy their health badly and they become the victims of fatal diseases as a result.

Q. Is it possible to get help from occult creatures?

The concept of occult sciences is present in almost every religion and nation in the world. These sciences have a direct connection with the hidden / invisible creature namely jins, angels, spirits, hamzad,ghosts, fairies etc. these powers are not visible, hence they are called occult/ invisible creature. One cannot deny of all these powers as they have also been discussed in all the revealed books. The Holy Quran gives details about angels, spirits, jins and devils. The Quran proves Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) as acquainted with stars. Hazrat yousaf (A.S) was an expert of predicting the dreams. Allah says in Quran about angels “they (the angels) advise regarding different matters.” Oculist performs different matters with the help of these angels. The jins have been mentioned in the event of Hazrat Sulaiman (A.S). Quran describes the event as Hazrat Sulaiman (A.S) took help from jins. Moreover the Quran has mentioned jins and angels for 118 times.