NAQSH FAT EHNAMA (Victory Talisman)

If you are worried about any worldly problem, you must get this victory talisman and keep it with you with full faith. By the will of God, there will be hidden causes for the change of situation and you will achieve your goal within short time.

Price: PKR 555/=, US$10, SADI RIAL 50, POUND 6, EURO 11.


If you are worried about your circumstances, have become the victim of disappointment, the failures have influenced your mind, you are not getting success in spite of the right decision and pace. In short, if you have lost your power of decision, your home has become the victim of misfortune, your business has been ruined and you are not getting success in spite of full efforts. You are worried about nonpayment of loans or serious disease, there is always quarrelling in your home, someone have made a lawsuit on you or you are under the influence of magic and enchantment. In short, This victory talisman is the result of my experience of years. Its effects have never failed. If you wish to get benefits of this talisman, send your name, mother’s name and your brief history of the situation.

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